Meet our newest partners

Nicolas De Kerpel, DJ Makasi and PeperTV

June was a big month in terms of partnerships. We got our very first DJ, athlete and partner streamer from The Netherlands. We're thrilled to introduce you to them. Get to know them a little bit better in the blog below.

Nicolas De Kerpel drinking Qallo on a hockey field

Nicolas De Kerpel

Our latest partner is just anyone. He's our ver first athlete ambassador. As if winning the European (2019) and World Championship (2018) Hockey wasn't enough, his also an Olympic Gold medallist (2021). We're very happy to have Belgian Hockey player Nicolas De Kerpel representing the Qallo brand.

Nicolas uses Qallo to drink more water before an early morning training with the Red Lions or to have an energy boost before he goes training with his club in the evening. For him the tastes of Qallo make it a lot easier to drink water. His personal favorite is the Lemon Lime Ginger, although he also likes some Red Berries from time to time.

Very soon, we'll also drop a video where Niels battled Nico in some challenges on the hockey field. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay tuned.

DJ Makasi drinking Qallo on the mainstage of Dreambeats festival

DJ Makasi

If you've been to a real party in the city of Antwerp, chances are you've danced to the beats of the one and only DJ Makasi. In June we started our partnership with one of the most radiant people we've met. Apart from being a DJ and producer, Makasi has a past as a skateboarder and we've put that to a test a few weeks ago at the HQ.

As a DJ - who works often very late - Makasi was looking for something to keep him energized. He wanted an alternative for the known energy drink brand, because they're unhealthy and after the boost, they give you a big crash. He tried Qallo, and loved the Lemon Lime Ginger. After meeting him, we both knew there was a perfect match between him and our brand.

Get to know Makasi in our latest YouTube video.

PeperTV on the Fietsersbrug in Antwerp


Pepper and Salt, Paprika, Pickles,… We all know the flavors of the delicious potato chips. And that's how our first Dutch Qallo partner PeperTV got his gamertag. Playing games online with some friends, they all had a different flavor as their tag. He loves to play FPS, Battle Royale, and horror games.

In August 2016, he streamed for the first time. In no less than 8 months, he became Twitch Partner. His favorite Qallo flavor is, surprisingly not Salt and Pe(p)per, but Red Berries.

Check out his Twitch here. He's live almost every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from 12:00 to 22:00.

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